Gamepad with 2 sensor touchpads and 8 buttons on the back of your Android or IOs smartphone.
Fit the game
TouchConsole is a wireless gamepad with multi-touch touchpads for mobile games on Android or IOs that fits easily into your pocket. No root or extra drivers for your smartphone.

Do you like mobile games? Clash of Clans, World of Tanks, PUBG or GTA? We play mobile games everywhere - in transports, at college and especially when visiting friends. Play MOBA, RPG or Action wherever you go - on your favorite smartphone which is always attached to your hands. Do your fingers interfere with playing? When playing mobile games, the player's fingers cover 30-50% of the screen.
To control or to watch is the question. Joysticks for mobile phones can't replace a sensor screen. It's impossible to replicate touchscreen in the right places with mere buttons. What if we place the touchpad on the back of the smartphone?
Want to get rid of blind spots?
Of course, a lot depends on the diagonal of the smartphone, and the size of players hands. Fingers cover the edges where important events happen, and the user has to choose between control the game and seeing the shooters lurking in the corners. We propose a new, better way of playing, allowing you to enjoy the game and see 100% of screen, because we feel the pain and struggle irritating the majority of players.
If you pre-order now (push the button preorder), we will notify you about our fundraising company launch on Kickstarter and provide an opportunity for the first thousand to buy the device for $99. This is 2/3 off the projected planning final cost. If you are a journalist, let us contact you with all the details.

What do you get?

Mobile & Suitable
It is universal solution for more comfortable gaming on your smartphone at any time and place.
TouchConsolele is so light and compact you won`t feel a difference in device weight even after 3 hours of playing.
Girls with manicured nails can play safely without chips or breaks.
Your wrists and hands will thank you!

Joystick mode
The Joystick mode* gives you total control on battlefield or race in. Use Gamepad for Shooters and Racing without root:
- Works as standard Android/IOS Joystick profile
- Huge joystick emulator via one of two touchpades
- 8 buttons
Our favorite games for TouchСonsole is Blitz World of Tanks and Asphalt8
- Huge joystick emulator via one of two touchpads. Ideal for World of Tanks or PUBG players!

* NOTE - Your game application needs to support standard Gamepad mode, and both joysticks and buttons.
Mouse Mode
You can use Gamepad for Strategy or Arcade Gaming without root. Control your troops with pixel precision. It is much more precise than a finger (the spot is 2*2 pixels vs 10*10) and is ideal. Controller for wins in Clash of Clans and other Strategies!
- Works as standard Android profile
- One cursor controls from touchpads
- Visual feedback
- Smart moving
- Precision pixel by pixel
- 2 from any of 8 buttons available
* NOTE - MOUSE mode does not work for IOs yet.
Make sure that your favorite game support standard Mouse or ask us about it

Touchpad mode (experimental)
This mode is being develop and available only in Android smartphones now. No root or extra drivers is needed. After starting our App, you can operate with 1, 2 or 4 fingertips on the touchpads same wayas on the screen on your smartphone. Pushing the button is - recognized it as a touch/click at the same place on your smartphone`s screen.
*NOTE Some game applications use unusual touch signatures for controls, for example games by Unity platform. We are testing it.

To see Touchconsole spin
press the button
Will TouchConsole work with my smartphone?

2 of 3 modes of the controller detect and uses your smartphone as the standard for Android/iOS devices. If the smartphone app supports these devices, then no configuration is required.

We are negotiating with game editors for all 3 modes of our device to be supported by a greater number of applications.

What about recharging?

The battery lasts for 20 hours.

What about lags?

Have you ever had mouse lags? The controller uses a universal driver, it simply passes the coordinates of your touches.

Which games tested on TouchConsole™?

PUBG, World of Tanks, GTA, Asphalt8, Clash of Clans. Any game supported standard Gamepad propfile will works. Which games need to test? Ask us below.

I have two smartphones with different sizes and screen resolutions. How will the controller know which device I am playing?

TouchConsole™ determines the size of the screen of your smartphone.

During the game, if I want to help myself running on the main screen, can I still tap on the screen?

You can control the game as you prefer - using both the gamepad and the main touchscreen at the same time.

What about support for my device?

We are cooperating with publishers of gaming applications to make our controllers work as comfortably as possible. Our progress never stops and we plan to release a firmware to improve the functionality. You will be able to install updates via USB.

What about production? When will I receive my gadget?

We are ready for mass production (electrical scheme + design). If our campaign is successful, we will send you TouchConsole this Winter.

More question? Ask us about anything - please fill out form below

USPTO patent 2015/0177783 A1 / TouchConsole™ is registered trade mark

If you pre-order now, we will notify you about our fundraising company start and provide an opportunity for the first thousand to buy a device for $75 - $99. That is half off the projected final cost (RRP = $135 - $155). If you are a journalist, let us contact you about the details.
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